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January 2017

  • Don’t Hide the Hard Work

    Don’t hide the hard work.

    That is my mantra for 2017, and I have Darlene Wolnik of Helping Public Markets Grow to thank. Anyone who knows me knows that market days are my favorite days of the week. I absolutely love to see our community come together to mix and mingle, shop from local farmers, enjoy live music and fresh coffee, and having better access to fresh, nutritious food. But, for years I’ve been hiding the duct tape that keeps it all together. And, believe me, we use a lot of duct tape. In doing that, I’ve left Rose City Farmers Market's story behind. We are a vital community asset and it is important that those who enjoy our presence understand money must be raised, partnerships must be nurtured, and logistical issues are constant. It is also important our value is communicated clearly, our impact is understood, and our needs are shared. So, this year we will be telling the story of our market and our producers in words and pictures to everyone interested in expanding our impact throughout our community. So get ready! You are about to learn a lot about our little market! In the meantime…wanna volunteer with us?! I love our village and this year we will be even stronger and healthier.

    In peace — Carmen