Our Mission


Rose City Farmers Market connects people with sources of locally grown foods and advocates eating locally for the health of our environment, community, culture, and economy. Through advocacy, organizing and education, we work toward a sustainable local food system that meets the needs of both producers and consumers. Our work includes operating a SNAP/EBT program and a Farmers Market Nutrition Program benefitting WIC participants, organizing farmers markets, and providing information through our website and Facebook page.

Our Community


A community gathering place, Rose City Farmers Market is the place to be! Produce, meats and eggs, wood oven-baked breads, pastries and granola, jams and pickles, locally roasted coffee, cheeses, and local artists and musicians. Join us!

Our Members


These are our membership goals.

  • Members are located within 75 miles of our farmers markets, or the closest source for the product
  • Farm owners provide safe and fair working conditions for all farm workers
  • Organic or natural methods (not necessarily certified) are used in growing produce (at minimum, no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides)
  • GMO-free seeds, ingredients, and feed
  • Humanely raised animal products
  • Beef and other grass-eating animals are grass fed and finished
  • Dairy is rGBH-free
  • Preference for processed foods containing local ingredients
  • 100% of items sold are produced/grown by our Member

We are proud members of the following organizations:

Our Community Partners