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  • On the Porch with Crawford Farms

    Down a sun-baked dirt road a few miles south of Henderson, TX, lies a stretch of land that looks like an untamed wilderness to the untrained eye. But to Lori Crawford, a young woman with sun kissed skin and dark hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, there’s only one word for this land; healthy.

    Despite […]

  • On the Porch with Lonesome Lady Ranch

    His hooves are the size of dinner plates and his head is as big as my torso. Kent stretches forward, dangerous horns curving up to sharp points, and licks my hand in search of a tasty snack.

    I’m afraid the enormous steer is out of luck though…all I have with me is my camera. Undeterred, Kent […]

  • On the Porch with Dodson Plantation

    Rolling hills and groves of pine trees splash past my windshield as I cruise down an East Texas road, a spiral bound notebook and hand-me-down Cannon camera riding shotgun as always. My sights are set on the next farm I get to visit: Dodson Plantation.

    I drive through several small Texas towns; passing old storefronts whose […]

  • On the Porch with Neverland Garden

    A little girl peers past her uncle’s legs at the overgrown plot of land he’s just bought. She takes in the tall weeds, the twisting vines, the rundown sheds that can barely hold up their own weight, and to her little girl eyes every last bit of it is beautiful. She looks up at her […]

  • On the Porch with Zillmer Farms

    Driving out to Zillmer Farms feels like driving into the heart of Texas. A gentle canopy of pine trees shades the roads, and the blue sky stretches on until it is lost in the boughs of an East Texas forest. When I reach the farm, turning down a simple country road, looking out over rolling […]

  • Happy Seeds

    There is something so exciting when I witness seeds meeting soil and people coming together to learn how to grow their own food. Justin and Jessica Bullock opened their doors today for their first Red Moon Farm workshop: Starting Plants From Seeds. After learning how to make a healthy potting soil for starting plants from […]

  • Don’t Hide the Hard Work

    Don’t hide the hard work.

    That is my mantra for 2017, and I have Darlene Wolnik of Helping Public Markets Grow to thank. Anyone who knows me knows that market days are my favorite days of the week. I absolutely love to see our community come together to mix and mingle, shop from local farmers, enjoy live music and fresh coffee, and having better access to fresh, nutritious food. But, for years I’ve been hiding the duct tape that keeps it all together. And, believe me, we use a lot of duct tape. In doing that, I’ve left Rose City Farmers Market's story behind. We are a vital community asset and it is important that those who enjoy our presence understand money must be raised, partnerships must be nurtured, and logistical issues are constant. It is also important our value is communicated clearly, our impact is understood, and our needs are shared. So, this year we will be telling the story of our market and our producers in words and pictures to everyone interested in expanding our impact throughout our community. So get ready! You are about to learn a lot about our little market! In the meantime…wanna volunteer with us?! I love our village and this year we will be even stronger and healthier.

    In peace — Carmen